The Cuttlefish is a bizarre sea creature that lives all over the world. They are not fish, but molluscs. That means they are more slug than fish.

Cuttlefish are cephalopods, cousins of squid and octopuses. Baby cuttlefish blast out of their egg’s shell by excreting acid from their behind.

The Flamboyant Cuttlefish is the smallest of the species, measuring only a few inches. One of the most fascinating things about cuttlefish is their ability to change colour, pattern and texture.

All cuttlefish possess this ability and use it for a whole host of reasons.

The vibrant appearance of this cuttlefish warns any tempted predators of its highly toxic body tissue.

It spreads out its tentacles like petals on a flower. Being very small, this helps its manouverability.

Every cuttlefish has a cuttlebone, that controls its buoyancy like a submarine. Depending on the species, cuttlebones implode at a depth of 200 to 600 metres (660 to 2,000 ft).

Because of this limitation, most species of cuttlefish live on the seafloor in shallow water.